Agile Fundamentals - Online Remote Learning

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To be able to adopt change, people need to understand the WHY as well as the HOW. Elabor8's Agile Fundamentals course has been designed to provide individuals and teams with the knowledge to transition from traditional plan-driven project methodologies to change-driven methodologies using agile principles, frameworks and tools. This course teaches the mindset, tools and techniques that individuals need to be productive members of a business that's adopting agile ways of working.

This is an immersive course,  virtually delivered by trainers who have years of experience across business, operations and IT. Participants apply theory to activities throughout the course with a constant focus on the customer, collaboration, delivering value, learning and continuous improvement. 

We appreciate that moving to agile ways of working can involve unlearning for individuals. We show great empathy throughout the course taking a very pragmatic, non-prescriptive approach to agile adoption where teams can shape what agile ways of working looks like to them and implement immediate change post the course.

Learning Objectives:
  • Explain why we need to change? Agile ways of working and how you can deliver value to your customer and business faster.
  • Demonstrate the Agile Foundations. Manifesto, Mindset, Values, Principles, Heart of Agile -  Discuss the difference between 'doing' and 'being' agile.
  • Learn how to create High Performing Teams.
  • Visualise and manage your workflow using Kanban.
  • Create a backlog and develop toolkit for implementing agile ways of working.
  • Participate in a team using the Scrum Framework for product development.
Topics covered:
  • Why you need to change.
  • Developing an Agile Mindset. 
  • Agile manifesto, values and principals. 
  • Collaboration and facilitation techniques.
  • Intent based leadership.
  • Characteristics of High Performing Teams.
  • Principles and practices of Kanban. 
  • Backlog management. 
  • Estimation and prioritisation techniques. 
  • Scrum framework. 
You'll also receive:
  • ICAgile Professional Certification
  • Electronic copy of the course materials
  • Digital workbook
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) PDU credit: 12 PDUs



1 Feb - 4 Feb
(9am - 1pm AEST)


19 Apr - 22 Apr
(9am - 1pm AEST)


8 Jun - 11 Jun
(9am - 1pm AEST)


9 Aug - 12 Aug
(9am - 1pm AEST)

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  • Customer Testimonails

    Elabor8 were able to tailor their course during a period when our workforce (among many others around the globe) had moved to remote work. They maintained their usual high level of engagement with our audiences and were able to accommodate not just our IT teams but a team from our Theatre who were keen on learning about Agile Ways of Working. I was impressed as I listened in, as our teams developed new skills and interacted throughout the day and how they came away with the ability to start practicing what they had learnt. I am looking forward to working with Elabor8 in the future to role out Agile and Scrum to even more people in the organisation.

    Adam O’Brien, Product Portfolio Chapter Lead, City of Newcastle Agile Fundamentals - Online Remote Learning
  • Customer Testimonails

    Living in a COVID-19 world, I quickly realised I needed new and better ways to work in order to deliver business value. I'd heard that the Online Agile Fundamentals course by the Training Academy of Elabor8 was one of the best courses to do this. I'm really glad I took the course. It expanded my understanding on how to implement the Agile Mindset, introduced me to practical frameworks and tools so that I can maximise real value from myself and others. Sarah Rose (the trainer), provided a great balance between theory and practical, using online tools really well to ensure the session was informative and engaging. So much better than other static online courses I've taken. Thanks Sarah. Great job.

  • Customer Testimonails

    Having recently completed the Agile Fundamentals course with Elabor8 I can honestly say it was one of the most enjoyable, engaging and insightful courses I have participated in. The instructor's knowledge and expertise in projects, agile and delivery came through the entire course. I left the course inspired and motivated to re-learn. Even though the course was delivered remotely I managed to engage and build connections with the class. I will recommend Elabor8 to everyone I know.

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