Agile Intensive

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To be able to adopt change, people need to understand the WHY as well as the HOW. Elabor8's 1 day Agile Fundamentals intensive course has been designed to provide individuals and teams with the knowledge to transition from traditional plan-driven project methodologies to change-driven methodologies using agile principles, frameworks and tools.

This is the a lighter version of our ICAgile certified 2 day Agile Fundamentals course, however being a 1 day course does not include cer5fica5on. This course teaches the mindset, tools and techniques that individuals need to be productive members of a business that's adopting agile ways of working.

This is an immersive, hands-on course delivered by trainers who have years of experience across business, operations and IT. Participants apply theory to ac5vi5es throughout the course with a constant focus on the customer, collaboration, delivering value, learning and continuous improvement.

We appreciate that moving to agile ways of working can involve unlearning for individuals. We show great empathy throughout the course taking a very pragmatic, non-prescriptive approach to agile adoption where teams can shape what agile ways of working looks like to them and implement immediate change post the course.

Learning Objectives:
  • Appreciate how agile ways of working help us deliver value to our customer faster
  • Understand the difference between doing and being agile
  • Learn how to build high performing teams 
  • Develop a toolkit for implementing agile ways of working
  • Gain an understanding of Scrum and Kanban, and Scrumban!
Course Outline:
Why we need to change
In this module we talk about the changing nature of problems and we introduce an exercise (the Paper Aeroplane game) that helps people to understand the benefit of adaptive systems.
Agile 101
We introduce the agile manifesto and principles, look at agile vs waterfall and discuss minimising risk.
Building High Performing Teams
We start with exploring Growth vs Fixed Mindset. We then look at team construct and building social contracts within team to get to high performing as quickly as possible.
Agile Toolbox
Intro to Scrum - the pillars, values, roles, artifacts and events: Through theory and exercises we provide an introduction to the Scrum Framework. The pillars, values, roles, artifacts and events.
Introduction to Kanban
Pull all the learning together in a simulation: We 9e together all the learning across the course in a Scrum Simulation. There is lego involved!
Introduction to Scrum
 Through theory and exercises (Scrum Ball) we provide an introduction to the Scrum Framework - pillars, values, rules, roles, events and artifacts.
You'll also receive:
  • Elabor8 Notebook
  • Deck of Planning Poker Cards
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) PDU credit: 8 PDUs


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