Management 3.0 - Live Online

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Developed by Jurgen Appelo, the Management 3.0 model recognises that todays organisations are complex, living, networked systems. Management should be primarily about people and relationships. Management 3.0 deepens your understanding of how agile organisations and teams work, and explains the most important practices of agile management.

You'll learn how to be a leader with impact, no matter what your role.

This course steps away from management theory towards a hands-on approach, providing participants with a toolkit to help build a culture where everyone in the organisation is a leader. The result? Energised people, increased employee engagement, improved results and increased value to the overall business.

This course is fun and will ensure you are equipped to take your leadership to the next level. During the course, we run games and experiments to challenge the way you think, leading to a better understanding of why people do what they do. You'll learn how to embrace change and how to encourage others to embrace it as well.

Learning Objectives:
  • Explain how to lead knowledge workers
  • Build techniques to energise people and empower teams and individuals
  • Create clarity around goals that still allows flexibility and autonomy around the 'how' to meet objectives
  • Discover different ways to think about developing competency and evolving your organisational structure
  • Teach teams how to experiment to focus on improving everything 
Course Outline:
Complexity Thinking, Agile Management and LeadershipAlign Constraints, Values and Culture
Grow Structure and Scale
Energise People: Motivation and EngagementDevelop Competency: Learning and Competencies
Improve Everything: Success and Failure
Empower Teams: Delegation and Empowerment

You'll also receive:
  • A trainer with management experience in both waterfall and agile organisations
  • Management 3.0 Certification
  • Moving Motivator Cards
  • Elabor8 Notebook
  • Electronic copy of the course materials


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