Product Ownership

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We’ve all spent copious amounts of time, energy and money building products for customers that either didn’t solve their problems, they didn't use, or they didn’t even want in the first place!

Whether you're a product owner, business analyst or any subject matter expert responsible for bringing products to life – this is the course for you. 

Learn how to build the right solution, for the right customer at the right time.

Elabor8’s Product Ownership course teaches key Agile concepts and techniques to help you identify and maximise the value of your products. You'll learn to move from prioritising work based on people’s opinions and personal agendas, to ensuring everything you’re working on, across all levels of the organisation, is delivering value to our customer and aligns to your company vision.

You'll how to harness agile values and behaviours to explore complex problems, understand and empathise with your customers and effectively build products but still be able to respond to changing markets. Using a work relevant simulation, you'll apply theory to activities with a constant focus on the customer, collaboration, delivering value, and continuous improvement. You'll leave the course with a toolkit to help you connect with your customers and business stakeholders to build amazing products.

NOTE: There are no pre-requisites for this course, but participants would benefit from having attended an Agile Fundamentals course, or experience working in an Agile environment.

Learning Objectives:
  • Explain the three mindsets of Product Development using Design Thinking (Exploring the problem), Lean (Build the right things) and Agile (Build the thing right).
  • Use techniques from Double Diamonds to Story Mapping and how to apply them.
  • Discuss what a Product Culture is and the difference between Product Management, Owner and Marketer.
  • Use Design thinking, Empathy Mapping, HMW and more to generate customer insights.
  • Demonstrate the importance of riskiest assumption tests, prototypes and storyboards for rapid insights.
  • Do Hypothesis validation, Story Mapping and Metrics to build out your MVP.
  • Apply visualising your stakeholders, prioritising your work and delivering iteratively, not incrementally.
  • Topics covered:
  • Introduction to Product Ownership including roles and responsibilities. 
  • Creating vision and keeping a team aligned. 
  • Design thinking.
  • Ethnographic research techniques.
  • Personas, Empathy Maps, Jobs to be Done and Journey Maps.
  • Exploring and validating ideas through experimentation and prototyping. 
  • Creating and managing releases. 
  • Breaking your work down. 
  • Story Maps. 
  • Metrics to monitor value delivery. 
  • Systems thinking. 
  • Stakeholder management. 
  • Prioritisation techniques. 
  • Backlog management. 
  • You'll also receive:
  • ICAgile Professional in Business Value Analysis Certification (ICP-BVA)
  • Electronic copy of the course materials
  • Elabor8 Notebook
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) PDU credit: 16 PDUs
  • Dates


    2 Mar - 3 Mar
    (9am - 4pm AEST)

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    • Customer Testimonails

      Thank you for a most instructive and entertaining course. It must have been entertaining because it seemed we barely started each session, before I found myself again on a break, overindulging in the delicious catering. I’ve just finished (literally this minute) reviewing my 2019 Performance Plan with my Manager, she’s agreed that our Organisational Vision needs to inform my Role Objectives, and will work with me on linking them. Thanks again for a great course.

      Michael Sugrue, , Product Ownership
    • Customer Testimonails

      Loved the sessions, you are both wonderful trainers and people. I had a blast and learnt a lot I can take forward.

      Tom Cantello, , Deakin University Product Ownership
    • Customer Testimonails

      Within 20 minutes of being in the office today I’d already sold our Program Manager on rolling CD3 into our prioritisation of all things (it might take us a while longer to figure out how exactly), and had a good chat with our CEO about both the cost of delay & how we currently measure “success” of our projects, and about planning around value rather than focusing too much on big waterfall projects. I came for inspiration, and I found it. Thanks Sarah, Steph & all the crew that helped bring the course together behind the scenes. Next step, new story maps to help us decide as a team on the MVP for a new target customer to determine what on our roadmap we really need to focus on for our next release. I hope it’s not too long before I have the pleasure of picking your brains again!

      Michael Coates, Chief Product Officer, Infomedix Product Ownership

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