The Change-savvy Team Member - Questo

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Constant change is the new norm for organisations however with the right skills, you and your team can embrace this reality, and become change-savvy. As organisations seek to respond to constant change, there is a need to cultivate such capability in individuals and in teams, to enable surviving and thriving. Dealing with change is a core work capability as well as a valuable life skill for every person.

The broad focus of this course is how to be a change-savvy individual and a change-savvy team to better deal with change in an organisational context. This workshop is interactive; we will utilise co-inquiry and co-design processes. This is a workshop that allows you to be resourceful and find useful answers and meaning for yourself; from within and from the other participants in the workshop.

Learning Objectives:
  • Form fresh ideas for change-savvy work practice and culture
  • Apply techniques for making effective change
  • Support the well-being of self and others during change
  • Create an action plan to cultivate change-savvy conditions and attributes
  • Topics covered:
    Part 1: Awareness  Part 2: PreparationPart 3: Ignition        
    Why be change-savvy?Measure of change-savvinessPractical ideas for cultivating change-savviness
    Levels and attributes of change-savvinessPrinciple-based approaches for change challengesFirst responses to external change
    Types of change and change agency
    Mindsets and actions of the change-savvy
    Caring for self and others in change
    Beliefs, preferences and experience in change

    Emotion and behaviours of changing

    You'll also receive:
    • Elabor8 Notebook
    • (Questo) Workbook


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