Agile Delivery Services

We embed specialist agile practitioners to help deliver
your projects while uplifting those around them.

Our people

Our consultants are highly regarded as both thought leaders and community facilitators. We are regularly presenting at both local and international conferences. We organise, host and present at our own Agile Meetups in both Melbourne and Sydney, and our consultants are encouraged to share their learnings with your company broadly as well as to our extended client network.

Team augmentation

Looking for an immediate Agile Team Uplift?
Our specialist agile practitioners will help you deliver your projects while uplifting your capabilities, including:

  • Business Analysts
  • Product Managers & Owners
  • Project and Program Managers
  • Agile Team & Delivery Managers
  • Scrum Masters / Iteration Managers
  • SAFe Program Consultants, Release Train Engineers

Quality Assured &
Relationship Managed

Our people are supported by our professional and client services teams who are themselves all experienced ex-practitioners. This ensures that our approach is appropriate for your environment and that you are regularly consulted to enable fine-tuning when required. Our people also have the full team of Elabor8 consultants with their collective wisdom behind them when they need to solve tricky problems.


To become a truly agile and adaptive organisation requires not just a reshuffling of processes, but a change in thinking about management and leadership. Whether it’s coaching a key member of your team, or a senior management team, our coaches have worked with many different teams across many industries.

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