We are consultative, pragmatic, and independent; our consultants are experts in all Agile approaches but won’t push a particular flavour.High engagement
Agile transformation is a significant change management undertaking. We need to ensure that engagement and ownership exists at every layer of the organisation. Inevitably, transformation will create people issues and it’s important we address the “human side” sensitively.

Change management is key to any transformation program, our approach is highly consultative. We co-design our transformations to ensure that your culture is respected.Independence
Education throughout the transformation program is key. Our training programs, plus hands on coaching and delivery support, will show your people the way.
Our measure of success is that one day you will be independent and no longer need us to support you.Not all organisations are the same, so we start by understanding the main drivers, appetite and readiness for change.

At Elabor8, we understand the challenges faced by larger enterprises and, with our proven Agile Transformation approach, you will see greater efficiency, transparency and predictability which all leads to reduction of time to value.Discovery
Before embarking on an Agile Transformational program, it is important to understand the current state of the enterprise and identify barriers to successful Agile adoption.

Framework development
Cookie cutter approaches for Agile adoption seldom work. All enterprises are unique and need a tailored framework to meet their specific needs. With our experienced and certified consultants who understand popular and leading edge Agile methods, we are the perfect partner to develop an Agile framework that will work for you and drive Agile Transformation in your enterprise.

Establish Agile teams
Agile teams are the engine room for product and software development. We embed trained consultants and coaches to ensure your teams work effectively.

Education and training are powerful ways to prepare your enterprise for transformation. Not only will everyone be using a common vernacular, it creates a shared vision and buy-in at all levels from executives to team members. The Elabor8 Academy has a wealth of training courses and certifications with different variants of Agile. Our courses can be adapted to ensure it is coherent with the new framework.

Establish Agile program portfolio management
Agile program and portfolio encapsulates strategy & investment funding, governance and program management. Effective fulfillment of this function and responsibilities are critical for success. The focus here is to ensure the enterprise is “Doing the right thing” and “Solving the right problems” and this is particularly important when working at scale.A culture of high-performance!We believe that to succeed in the Digital-Business-War, organisations need to go beyond tooling and automation. For us, DevOps is part of a Journey towards business agility.  

At Elabor8, we see DevOps closing the effective-efficient loop, helping organisations to do the right things, right.

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