The Elabor8 Approach


Contemporary organisations need to create a culture that empowers their people to both anticipate changing market conditions and respond rapidly and safely.

Our customers partner with us to build resilient cultures that can smoothly navigate in the modern business world.


Becoming a truly agile and adaptive organisation requires not just a reshuffling of processes, but a change in thinking about management and leadership.

Whether it’s coaching person or team at the delivery or senior leadership level, our coaches have worked with many different teams across many industries.


People need to be able to understand the WHY as well as the HOW for sustainable learning.

We offer bespoke private training as well as certified courses that are designed to build the foundations for mindsets, tools and techniques to be positive contributors to organisational agility.


Consultative & Collaborative

We believe that the most effective solutions are those that are co-designed with the involvement of our clients.

Our talent is taking complex concepts and simplifying them. We employ easy to use techniques to allow us to co-develop and embed solutions that our clients have ownership of.


Approachable & Pragmatic

We know that change is challenging so we provide our clients with the opportunity to get to know us and gain confidence in our approach. Our consultants are experts in their field, humble and pragmatic.

Our consultants are experts in their field, humble, pragmatic and committed to helping you succeed.

We understand that companies have varying appetites for change and a vision of their future so we take time to listen before providing consulting advice.


Expert Practitioners

When we speak with clients, we all speak with deep experience as practitioners.

We have a rigorous recruitment process that ensures each Elabor8er is an experienced agile practitioner.

Our directors, managers, client services team and consultants all come from agile backgrounds with many adopting agile ways of working into their own practices.