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We can help you to do the right things in the right way, repeatedly
to be focused, lean, adaptive and robust.Linking Innovation &
Product Design to Delivery

Moving your initiatives from Product and Customer Experience strategy into Software Delivery has become one of the key integration points, yet in many organisations this can be cumbersome and often a significant point of failure.

Elabor8’s Innovation and Product Design framework is tightly integrated with software product delivery.  We have been able to achieve this integration because we understand both the process of innovation as well as the machinations of enterprise software delivery.

Lean & Adaptive
Software Delivery

Based on Lean and Agile approaches to software delivery our consulting services focus on creating the most effective and efficient way to bring new products to market. Using these methods organisations can achieve faster time to market, lower capital demands and much greater adaptability to allow for course correction.

Whether it be scaled Agile, a Spotify approach of empowered teams or more traditional IT structures our consultants are experienced across a range of different methods and can help you implement the right approach.

Executing on large programs

At Elabor8 our approach in executing large programs of transformation is to manage all the “Dimensions of Change”:

  • People – Leadership and Teams, Business Engagement
  • Skills – Capacity, Capability and Knowledge Transfer
  • Vendors Management – contracts and support
  • Delivery Schedules – Program of Work
  • Budget – Capital & Operational
  • Infrastructure, Architecture and Solution Design
  • Release and Implementation Planning
  • Transition to Product Delivery
  • Governance and Reporting

Independent of underlying delivery framework (Agile or not), all these areas need to be developed and managed cooperatively with all partners to ensure a successful and timely implementation.  It is critical that the system is handed over in an operational state and that future development and enhancement is transitioned into the Product Delivery cycle.

Evolving your Architecture

Once a technology delivery organisation reaches a certain scale, it can no longer follow a purely emergent design model without introducing risks such as platform divergence.

At Elabor8 we assist organisations in the foundations of product architecture, effective technology practice management and creation of technology system roadmaps. This will promote a highly autonomous product delivery capability that balances emergent design and with intentional architecture without the constraining governance.

Re-engineering your operating
processes and systems

Elabor8 has developed a process that optimises the Business Architecture value stream, transforming it from a source of frustration into a flow based model that incrementally delivers value where it’s most required.

We can help you to collaboratively build and deploy business processes (and change) in cadence with your delivery teams and to incrementally develop your organisational knowledge base.

Platform Maturity Cycle

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