Inspiring female role models for International Women’s Day

Elabor8 believes that diversity and inclusion is good for our people, good for our communities and good for business which is why we’re celebrating the achievements of women as part of this year’s International Women’s Day.

Based on findings by the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report, global progress to close the gender gap is disappointingly regressing. Instead of taking 170 years to close the infamous gap, it is estimated that – at the current rate of progress – it will take more than two centuries (217 years to be exact) to achieve gender parity across the world.

Australia currently ranks 35 out of 144 countries in the Global Gender Gap Report 2017. While this puts us miles ahead of many other countries, it’s clear we still have some ways to go, especially when it comes to the rate of female graduates within engineering, IT, mathematics and science disciplines.

We’re united as a company, encouraging all Elabor8ers to think, act and be gender inclusive.

Our gender diversity program implemented by founders Paul Velonis, Andrew Blain and Nam Huynh is beginning to pay dividends with 40 percent of Elabor8ers being females, and females occupying 38 percent of the positions on our leadership team.

Elabor8’s new CEO, John Sullivan has a personal connection to creating a gender inclusive future for all Australians. With two young daughters, he’s been passionate about challenging the status quo with creative programs that secure gender parity in his daughters’ lifetime.

Under John’s leadership, we’re working on programs to increase the diversity of speakers on the technology conference circuit by hosting events such as the 2018 Global Diversity CFP Day in February and providing coaches to our own female speakers at the upcoming national Agile Australia event.

For International Women’s Day, we’ve gifted every Elabor8er with a copy of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: a series of two children’s books that each feature short stories about 100 female role models.

We’re encouraging Elabor8ers to read this book with their own children or gift it onto young boys and girls in their lives.

This practical approach aims to combat bias early on, providing young girls and boys with the opportunity to see females in positions of power, influence across all sectors, including those where females are currently under-represented.

In the long term, we’re hoping it will increase the availability of females in the talent pool and encourage more women to aspire to leadership roles in their careers.

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