Introducing Flomatika. Your agility dashboard.


Elabor8 is proud to announce the launch of Flomatika, a Value Stream Management platform that measures results in real time, communicates progress, and recommends opportunities for improvement. This Australian-built solution provides the clarity and insight you need to intervene with confidence and course correct when necessary. A comprehensive dashboard enables you to fully understand your time-to-market, productivity, predictability, quality, and flow efficiency across your entire business.


How a crisis led to an innovation.

Like many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on Elabor8. It did, however, give us the opportunity to direct our team towards the exploration of some innovations that we had not previously had the capacity to investigate.

Out of this program was born Flomatika, which was launched into a closed early-access program with an initial set of customers who have helped us refine the product over the last 12 months.

Now, we are ready to launch what Elabor8’s CEO, Paul Velonis, calls “the best delivery analytics platform on the market today”.


The best delivery analytics platform on the market today.


The value of Value Stream Management.

Flomatika is a performance dashboard designed to help enterprises do more with their teams and achieve faster and more predictable value delivery. Not only does it enable organisations to baseline and track improvements to the efficiency and performance of their delivery portfolio but it also illustrates the impact of business transformation approaches and interventions on teams and programs over time.

Flomatika solves a key challenge of agile transformation, which is effective real-time governance. It allows organisations to not only understand baseline and improvement in throughput, lead times, speed to market, productivity, and so on but also measure progress on high-level, company-wide objectives. This enables leaders to see evidence that transformation is working and where value has been created.

Flomatika provides a consistent methodology to compare teams of all types and is easily configured and scalable. This avoids the increasing costs of reporting in agile teams which do not lend themselves to effective organisation wide reporting.

Governance Obeya


How it works.

Flomatika converts hundreds of thousands of data points into a few customer-centric and work-based metrics to make it easy to recognise the health and performance of your value streams across time.

Flexible configuration means you choose what data your dashboards and reports display, what KPIs are generated, and what sources of data are utilised.

Traditionally, reporting dashboards required different teams’ work processes and systems to be standardised. But, recognising that this is the antithesis of the agile way of working, we designed Flomatika with a very sophisticated aggregation and normalisation engine which is the key to its scalability. Flomatika can be implemented without the need to change the way your teams work, how they run their processes, or how they structure their work items. You can see normalised and comparable data across your environment, regardless of how your delivery ecosystem is organised.

Flomatika can ingest as far back as you have data in your Work Management System, so you can even view a timeline of your metrics from prior to its introduction. And it works seamlessly with multiple data sources, including Jira Cloud, Jira Server, and Microsoft Azure DevOps, with support for additional data sources being introduced soon.

As powerful as Flomatika already is, we see this as only the beginning. Over the coming year, we will be adding features that will help you plan and track using sophisticated probabilistic forecasting algorithms supported by machine learning. As Paul Velonis observes, “This will greatly improve efficiency by removing time-consuming, clumsy, and error-prone estimation processes.”  

Flomatika is the ideal way to comprehensively track the performance of your delivery ecosystem after your business has undergone an agile transformation.

Flomatika Performance Checkpoints



This will greatly improve efficiency by removing time-consuming, clumsy, and error-prone estimation processes.


The benefits that flow from Flomatika.

By offering you a real-time view of activity, Flomatika provides you with a far greater understanding of a range of analytics.

Increased efficiency and value delivery

It will help you increase efficiency and value delivery by empowering you to monitor productivity, identify bottlenecks, and ascertain where intervention is required. You will also uncover the Flow Efficiency of end-to-end value streams and discover key sources of delay. Monitor the productivity of teams over time and take control of your speed-to-value. And understand the profile and the expected value of items on your backlog so that you know what to prioritise.




Enhanced visibility

It will greatly improve visibility, allowing you to view the volume and profile of completed, unfinished, and future work at any point in time, and understand when teams are fit for purpose and meeting their customer service level expectations.

It will diagnose when teams are accumulating flow debt, check if there are mismatches between demand and capacity and discover how teams can better spend their time to enhance productivity.


Easier, more accurate forecasting

It will enable you to use trend analysis to determine if teams are improving, stable, or going backward. Allow you to predict the levels of your teams for different types of demand. Let you perform contextual analysis of teams, projects, products, and services. And make it easy to see the impact of new approaches and interventions on your teams and programs over time.

What is more, Flomatika will enhance your forecast accuracy by leveraging historical data to predict future delivery rates.


Change for the better.

After 12 months of testing with our initial set of customers, Flomatika has proven its power. We have seen WIP Age reductions of up to 71%, Time to Market reductions of up to 70%, Value Delivery Increases of up to 34 percentage points, Predictability Increases of up to 54 percentage points, and Defects Reductions up to 86%.

We are excited by the benefits that Flomatika can bring to every kind of business that is utilising agile principles or is heavily invested in digital capability.