Your companies' technology is more than just business support. We work with you to deliver well-designed, bespoke tech solutions that reflects your unique needs.

Elabor8 works with some of Australia’s most innovative companies to automate, scale and drive outcome-based, transformative technological change.

We bring purpose to your technology to drive your digital strategy forward, support operational efficiency and deliver real value to your customers.

  • Elabor8 helps your teams to continuously improve their ability to create and operate well-crafted software that is scalable and maintainable.
  • We embed modern principles, practices and tools to evolve your teams’ software engineering effectiveness through the support of our practitioner coaches.
  • We harness the power of technology and approach IT as an enabler – not a constraint or roadblock to delivery.
  • We assist organisations to build the product architectures, structures and cultures they need to manage platform divergence, data silos and security gaps.

Delivering speed and transparency for Australian sports software developer

Just one year on our client is enjoying three times faster delivery and three times better forecasting predictability compared to the same time last year.

Our Technology Capabilities

Technology Transformation

Elabor8 Technology Transformation advisory practice delivers customised IT ecosystem solutions to organisations looking to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to get features to customers. We design strategies that focuses on capability uplift, technology enablement and designing for high performance.

Software Delivery

We ensure your software projects are delivered end-to-end to exceptional standards. Elabor8’s Software Delivery approach guides your IT programme by removing any roadblocks, making recommendations for improvement and providing support from initial planning right through to execution.

Technology Coaches

Our Technology Coaches are highly skilled and experienced in solving IT business challenges and implementing innovative tech solutions. We’ll work alongside your people, simultaneously focusing on delivery and capability uplift as well as embedding good IT practice to cultivate an effective engineering culture.

DevOps 360

Elabor8’s independent, comprehensive DevOps 360 Assessment will give you a holistic overview of your software delivery capabilities. We provide key findings for immediate improvement, recommendations on how to evolve your engineering effectiveness and direction on where to focus your resources to drive lasting change.

Solution Architecture Design

Our expertise in Solution Architecture Design allows us to fully support you technology transformation or program. We offer a strategic approach to accelerate the decision-making process when designing solution architectures. We give you the tools you need to effectively solve your business challenges, ensuring solution architecture is built efficiently and can be serviced effectively.

Technology Tooling

Elabor8 is an Atlassian Silver Solution Partner and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner. We partner with leading companies to enable tailored solutions in digital transformation, software and IT functions. Our specialisation in these services allows you to take full advantage of the Atlassian and AWS capabilities.

       Because speed and transparency were important to us, Elabor8 set-up an adaptive Transformation strategy which we have been sprinting through as a digital leadership team since the beginning. The other executives can now see the status of where things are at, because we’ve gotten rid of the black box of IT. This means we’re now free to look at the system, not the individual parts. And by focusing on the data, we can be sure we’re building an experience that our customers want, and are welcoming — and that is just the kind of future we want for us.

Technology Insights

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