Test Automation Accelerator

Delivering high quality software, at speed.

Elabor8’s Test Automation Accelerator is a framework that transforms your testing capabilities to move towards more efficient delivery of your software with faster speed and higher quality.

Reimagining test automation for enhanced delivery performance.

  • Elabor8 is a leader in the field of test automation, and our technical experts are practitioners with proven and deep industry experience.
  • We help you embed refined development principles, practices and methods; opening the door for long term automation and DevOps practices.
  • We work with your existing technology stack and use Open Source tools to create a proof of concept solution designed for your organisation.
  • We uplift the test automation capability in your team, reduce external reliance and provide recommendations for better development processes.

Build your test automation capability

The Test Automation Accelerator delivers an effective end-to-end testing platform providing ongoing efficiency savings and quality assurance.


Ability to measure software quality coverage to improve overall lead time.


Maintenance of the framework remains within the team with no external dependencies.

Faster releases

Faster and higher quality releases improves time to market.


Repeatable, well-maintained tests to help increase the reliability of the releases.

The DevOps tools you need to change behaviour

If you are looking to develop behaviours like collaboration or continuous improvement, these types of DevOps tools may help.

Your gateway to rapid test automation.

We collaborate with your teams to uplift their capability and work with existing technology architecture to create a seamless test automation journey.

Proof of Concept

Our Proof of Concept is a 3 – 4 week engagement demonstrating the potential efficiency gains, transparency and quality assurance organisations can realise from an effective automated testing solution. We provide clear recommendations outlining key areas of opportunity for improving testing in your organisation..

Real-time Dashboards

We create real-time dashboards and automatically generated reports configured to a variety of different technology stacks. Our dashboard reporting rapidly diagnoses issues so you can find and fix bugs quicker and get an aggregated view for effective decision-making.

Technical Consultants

Our expert technical consultants work with you to uplift your team’s capability to deliver true value to your customers. We focus on your automation goals, while also embedding technical agility within your team to support the continued effectiveness of the Test Automation framework.

Test Automation Training

We facilitate targeted training short courses to support the implementation of the Test Automation Framework and build capability from within so your teams are able to continue to use and maintain test automation.

              The test automation framework developed by Elabor8 gives me great confidence in the quality of our deliverables, and any production issues that do arise are quickly isolated and rectified. Across our projects, automated testing has delivered significant efficiencies allowing us to cost effectively scale our delivery capability. Previously an additional 80 manual testers would have been required to support the volume of projects we currently service.

Senior Engineering Manager

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