Getting started with visual facilitation

Authored by Nina Gritzke

One of my favourite training courses that I attended whilst working as a consultant at Elabor8, was a visual facilitation course where I was introduced to the bikablo® visual facilitation technique and neuland® visual facilitation pens.

The course was very practical and I was able to apply my new skills to my work immediately after the training. Visual facilitation instantly brought more creativity, fun, and engagement to my work day, and now it’s impossible for me to go back to text-only facilitation.

One motto of visual facilitation techniques is “everyone can draw”. I agree, with just a few tips, templates, and training, anyone can pick it up very quickly.

With this visual article I’d like to inspire you to start facilitating visually, and to give you essential tips to send your visual facilitation off to a good start. Have fun! And start drawing!


The core of visualisation


When you use visualisation

When to use visualisation

Visualisation walls

Visualisation presentations

Visualisation notetaking

Why do visualisation?

Visualisation engaging

Visualisation big picture

Visualisation easier to remember

Visualisation essentials

Visualisation creative

Visualisation more fun

How to make your visuals look great

Visualisation write neatly

Visualisation strong outline

Visualisation pens

Visualisation templates

Visualisation KISS

Visualisation spacing

Visualisation colour rules

Visualisation practice

What visuals to use

Visualisation text decoration

Visualisation text containers

Visualisation speech bubbles

Visualisation people

Visualisation symbols

Visualisations speech bubbles

Visualisations shadow

Visualisations frame

Visualisations stories and metaphors

How to start with visual facilitation

Visual facilitation


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  • Carmen Leong


    I would like to know when is the next bikablo training available for sign up?

    I am a new product owner and I believe that visual facilitation will help me in my role when I engage with various stakeholders to populate the product backlog.

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