Women at Elabor8

We’re driving towards gender equality.

Kim Ballastrin

Kim Ballestrin – Principal Consultant

“I joined the team at Elabor8 for several reasons but basically I wanted “oxygen” you know the type of jobs we end up in where there is no real air to grow, so I overcame my inertia and moved. It’s nice to be appreciated for what you can do and the fact you can develop further.

On the first day, I was straight out at a client site, I love thinking on my feet and adapting quickly to new environments. This is why I feel not only does Elabor8 value me for what I can do but they also acknowledge that we all grow and develop further skills as we progress.”

Gendry Morales – Principal Consultant

“I started my career in software development, coding in the basement of Melbourne University’s Computer Science lab. I loved the intellectual challenge of complex mathematical problem solving, the elegance and logic of technology.  Today I lead companies on their Agile Transformations.  Over the years I’ve learned that the most important skills aren’t technical, they’re courage, confidence and entrepreneurialism.

Elabor8 are a stand-out consultancy in this space and it’s such a pleasure to work with a group of intelligent and influential people… who in my opinion are super cool.”