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“To hold a competitive advantage in a global economy, Australian companies need to produce the most innovative, market ready products and services. Companies with gender balanced teams are proving more innovative, risk savvy and delivering greater financial returns. Diversity is the solution, not the problem.”

– Paul Velonis, Managing Director, Elabor8

Women at Elabor8

We wont stop until we reach 50/50!

Women in key roles at Elabor8

Read about some of the women helping to shape our company
Kim Ballastrin

Kim Ballestrin

Principal Consultant

“I joined the team at Elabor8 for several reasons but basically I wanted “oxygen” you know the type of jobs we end up in where there is no real air to grow, so I overcame my inertia and moved. It’s nice to be appreciated for what you can do and the fact you can develop further, like parents that only see their children as infants despite how old and wise they become, sound familiar?

On the first day, I was straight out at a client site, I love thinking on my feet and adapting quickly to new environments. This is why I feel not only does Elabor8 value me for what I can do but they also acknowledge that we all grow and develop further skills as we progress.”


Gendry Morales

Principal Consultant

“I started my career in software development, coding in the basement of Melbourne University’s Computer Science lab. I loved the intellectual challenge of complex mathematical problem solving, the elegance and logic of technology. But our industry lacked relevance and popularity. I was passionate about using the power of technology and applying this to the real world, trying to turn 1s and 0s into software people loved.

Moving from analyst/programmer into senior leadership roles, and today helping companies lead Agile Transformation, the most important skills I learnt weren’t technical, they were things like courage, developing the confidence to back myself and being entrepreneurial.

When I look at our industry today, Technology has become an integral part of people’s lives, it’s even chic to be a geek and there’s a big focus on women in tech. Elabor8 are a stand-out consultancy in this space and they are involved with a number of initiatives I participate in, like #BOLDMoves. It’s such a pleasure to work with a group of intelligent and influential people… who in my opinion are super cool.”

Dipa Rao

Dipa Rao

Senior Consultant

“A question I asked in my interview was about the number of female consultants employed at Elabor8, which was more than 40% at that point in time. It was important to me to work with an organisation that recognised that the gender imbalance in the technology sector is a problem, and is making a concerted effort to get that balance right.

With Elabor8, I’ve been involved with a change initiative called BOLDMoves where we are collaborating with Vic ICT for Women and working with other organisations in Melbourne to increase gender diversity in tech. It is a great opportunity to get in touch with people, community and organisations that share my passion, and work towards something that will make real and lasting social change happen.

Helping to drive real social change

We’re active in the community, and always looking for ways to get involved and facilitate change

Seonaid Porter

Board Member, Vic ICT for Women

“Elabor8 are a fantastic example of a company committed and more importantly, taking real action to see more women in leadership roles. No stone has been unturned from shaking up their recruitment process to rethinking how key frontline consulting roles can be made flexible. The results are in, I have been delighted to see first class senior women join the team and really thrive.”

Watch our story with Vic ICT for Women

Change in action

Some of the activities we’ve facilitated in collaboration with #BOLDMoves

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