Product & Innovation

For organisations looking to deliver comprehensive solutions or seamless digital customer experiences, we take the guesswork out of product design and innovation.

By uncovering deep customer insights and articulating that vision, we enable you to fast track the development of true customer value and bring the right products to market, faster.

We take a holistic approach to product development and innovation strategy to create forward-thinking solutions.

  • Elabor8 blends modern product development approaches with techniques from agile business analysis to deliver a leading digital experience for your customers.
  • We provide end to end support and work with you to drive powerful product and innovation practice from within.
  • We leverage our deep knowledge of Human Centred Design, Design Thinking and Lean Startup to drive innovative solutions for your organisation and your customers.
  • Our proven expertise, across industries, allows us to identify the strategies and solutions to keep your organisation responsive and innovative.

Providing Agile leadership across the WhitePages and YellowPages teams

Elabor8 was instrumental in Sensis’s Agile process adoption and helped establish a trusted relationship between the business and technology teams.

Our Product & Innovation Capabilities

Customer Experience Design

We help to create and deliver customer experience solutions at speed and scale. Elabor8 is experienced in the facilitation of Customer Lifecycle, Customer Journeys, Empathy Mapping & NPS Visualisation. We understand customer empathy and through visualising patterns, behaviours and synthesising data it allows insights to be draw and enabling customer-centric solutions.

User Experience Design

Creating the best possible user experience never as simple as it sounds. Elabor8 is experienced in providing deep, validated and actionable insights to create customer-centric and user-friendly experiences that drive tangible outcomes. We don’t believe in black box design. Our approach focuses on working to uplift your teams’ UX capability through inclusive and collaborative design that will delight your end users.

Product Management

Our embedded Product Management Coaches help your teams deliver real customer value and outcomes. From initial planning through to support and coaching, we partner with you to optimise your product & innovation practice. Elabor8 Product Management Coaches are specialists in designing and building product and establishing design & innovation capability and practice around your people.

Innovation Days

Elabor8 has facilitated engaging and highly successful Hackathon, Hack Day & Innovation Day events for some of Australia’s biggest brands. We collaboratively work through each organisation or teams’ individual context and goals to deliver an event that drives learning, culture and amazing new ideas. We can assist you to unlock the innovation capability of your people and generate prototypes for cost reduction, customer experience improvements and new revenue streams.

Design Sprint Facilitation

Elabor8 provides expert Design Sprint guidance and takes a collaborative approach to designing and facilitation. We tailor Design Sprints based on your needs and goals. We take a human-centred approach to design facilitation; working to understand your customers and their problems worth solving; ideating to discover potential solutions; and, then rapidly prototyping and experimenting to validate assumptions and design the solution that meets your customers’ needs.

Product Ownership Training

Product ownership is so much more than writing requirements and managing a Product Backlog. Today’s Product Owners need to have both a concrete understanding of everything that drives value from their products, as well as being able to solve complex problems. Our certified Product Ownership Training helps your teams identify and maximise the value of your products to ensure value is being delivered to your customer.

       Elabor8 provides the best people in the agile space. I have been continuously impressed with the high level of professionalism and expertise from the Elabor8 people that I have worked with. They have a lot of thought leaders, especially in the area of Product Management. Their Product Managers have deep understanding on how to build great product and foster an environment where the team is empowered to come up with ideas to solve customer’s problems. I would strongly recommend Elabor8 to any companies that are serious about delivering value to customers.

– Herry Wiputra, CTO | Campaign Monitor

Product & Innovation Insights

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