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Unlocking your potential

Learning. Inspiration. Energy.

 Academy offers the latest in market leading courseware, including certified Scrum
Kanban, SAFe, Management 3.0 in addition to a series of custom designed bootcamps.

Unlocking people’s potential is in our DNA.
We want to prepare you for any challenge, to inspire, energise and challenge you.
We believe in creating a culture of continuous learning, of taking the
journey with you and helping you do work worth doing.

It’s a world of unlimited possibilities. We run our courses publicly to
support individual development, and privately for your teams.

Certified Partner Courses

Elabor8 Scrum.org

Professional Scrum Training

Learn how to ship software within 30 days from experts who’ve been there.

Kanban Training

Learn how to deliver projects with advanced visual management.

Scaled Agile

Scaled Agile (SAFe) Training

Learn the recipe for adopting agile at enterprise scale.

Happy Melly

Management 3.0 Training

Increase employee engagement, happiness and improve results. .

Elabor8 Bootcamps

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Innovation Express

Practical workshopping to
demystify the innovation process.

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Agile Fundamentals

Learn practical techniques for agile
software development projects.

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Working with Agile Teams

Learn what Agile is and the
theories underpinning it.

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