In response to COVID-19 we have shifted to remote consulting with our advisory, coaching and facilitation services now available virtually. We’re offering all of our training courses remotely.

The hierarchy of remote working needs

Is your organisation transitioning to remote work as part of COVID-19? Discover insights with our latest article on responding to change here.

Latest Insights

Explore the latest insights, ideas and resources that help you respond quickly to change.

Building effective remote working teams

The shift to remote team management can help leaders demonstrate their agility. By remotely aligning their teams and embracing autonomy, agile leaders are able to keep their team on track.

Using OKRs to increase business agility in a post coronavirus world

OKRs are a powerful tool to create focus, alignment and help organisations deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

Keep a learning culture alive while remote working

If you don’t emphasise knowledge-sharing and learning, you risk inhibiting growth, letting processes become outdated, and permitting poor performance from your remote team.


We help complex businesses

who are seeking to change in response to competitive, customer or market pressures.

We design solutions

that respond to your organisation’s need for efficiency improvements in processes and systems while removing barriers to business-wide agility.

We work from within

to apply an approach of sharing knowledge and developing skills to empower your people.


We believe this creates an environment that frees people to respond to opportunities for innovation and in return your company will be rewarded with a lasting ability to endure change.

Giving you the freedom to move.

Product & Innovation.

Take the guesswork out of product design and trade hunches for data so you can make informed, context-aware decisions that articulate your vision. Our Innovation and Product Design framework integrates closely with the practicalities of enterprise software delivery so you can fast track the development of leading digital experiences.

Agile Delivery.

Agile ways of working speed delivery, lower capital demands and allow for greater adaptability. We’re experienced in all the major frameworks including Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Scrum, Kanban and bi-modal, and consider your goals and organisational before recommending the right one for you.


We assist organisations to build the product architectures, structures and cultures they need to manage platform divergence, data silos and security gaps. The right combination of technology systems roadmaps and change management promotes a highly autonomous product delivery capability that balances speed and design with architecture and governance requirements.

Business Agility.

We find efficiency improvements in processes and systems to give flexibility and remove barriers to business-wide agility by working from within to apply an approach of sharing knowledge and developing skills to empower your people.

Agile Training.

At Elabor8’s Academy, we know first hand that there is no one size fits all for an agile implementation. Every business is different with different challenges. That’s why we don’t train just the one agile framework! We partner with you to understand your current challenges and help you determine the right training programs for your teams, at the right time.

LawMaster gets an Agile boost from Elabor8.

The development team of LawMaster, a legal software solutions provider for law firms, has seen a vast improvement in its overall velocity and productivity since it partnered with Elabor8.

Elabor8 is a modern management consultancy.

Our purpose is to find the best way to enable change from the inside.

Who we work with.

We have a strong record of helping large organisations to find focus and reducing the complexity of delivering business-wide agility.


Work with us.

Empower your people with new skills and a changed mindset, and give your business a strong platform for growth.

Join us.

Drive the sort of change that will shape Australia’s digital future and alter the trajectory of your career.