We show companies how to lead by;

  • gaining clarity and insight into their environment,
  • building coherence and adaptability into their processes, and
  • developing the capabilities they need to succeed.

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The majority of our consultants come from a development or technical background. Although inherently technology driven, our interests reside more in the people and process side of technology projects.

This has allowed us to explore more of the business and social impacts that technology can provide.


We have a unique blend of experience and theory having helped online organisations in the startup space through to some of the largest corporates.

From this experience, we bring insights and methods that help enterprises become adaptive and resilient to disruption.


  • null

    John Sullivan

  • null

    Kim Ballestrin

    Loves the delectable twists of transformation projects.

  • Kirrily Davis

    Kirrily Davis

  • image

    Carolyn Spithoven

    Helping motivate teams to realise their potential and kick goals.

  • Rebecca Rumble

    Rebecca Rumble

  • image

    Greg Pell

    Agile delivery consultant. Helping customers deliver great digital products.

  • Dipa Rao

    Dipa Rao

    Agile BA. Interested in product design, social justice and succulents. The last one will pass.

  • image

    Denton Currin

    Loves traffic lights, but only when they’re green.

  • Paul Caon

    Paul Caon

    Enamoured with matching leather belts and shoes.

  • image

    John Nguyen

    Results driven BA with a thirst for the latest disruptive technology trends

  • Kent Burley

    Kent Burley

  • Ferzeen Anis

    Ferzeen Anis

  • Katrina Sta. Ana

    Katrina Sta. Ana

  • James Halprin

    James Halprin

  • Madusha Sirinanda

    Madusha Sirinanda

  • Jon Gedge

    Jon Gedge

  • Joey Mangaser

    Joey Mangaser

  • Jochy Reyes

    Jochy Reyes

  • image

    Michael Ng

    Agile consultant focused on delivery innovative digital products.

  • Hollie Smith

    Hollie Smith

  • Ian Ngo

    Ian Ngo

  • Gabriel Vailati

    Gabriel Vailati

  • image

    Andrew Thorpe

    Helping teams and companies adopt agile to build the right things, the right way.

  • image

    Hayley Cronin

    Agile BA passionate about building systems that deliver real business value.

  • image

    Alina Spektorov

  • null

    Ivan Cho

    Driving success through empowering people. Weapon of choice – post-it, Sharpie and a lot of wall space.

  • null

    Chris Hoang

    No road is long with good company. I love bringing people together on a journey and telling a great story.

  • null

    Jade Han

  •  Lucille Manuele

    Lucille Manuele

  • null

    Matt Kasekende

  • Risto Pearce

    Risto Pearce

  • Steph Dyer

    Steph Dyer

  • null

    Tom Peterson

  • null

    Gendry Morales

    Enjoys the finer points of crafting the perfect pizza crust.

  • Mark So

    Mark So

  • null

    Daniel Schraeder

  • Manoel Pimentel

    Manoel Pimentel

  • Stephen Wright

    Stephen Wright

  • Sara Steinborn

    Sara Steinborn

  • Nasir Munawar

    Nasir Munawar

  • Craig Drayton

    Craig Drayton

  • Darren Duarte

    Darren Duarte

  • Tom Lim

    Tom Lim

  • Andrew Ooi

    Andrew Ooi

  • Andrew Norquay

    Andrew Norquay

  • Clarence Bakirtzidis

    Clarence Bakirtzidis

  • Chris Trainou

    Chris Traianou

  • Carla Billeci

    Carla Billeci

  • Amanda Varella

    Amanda Varella

  • Brianna Landry

    Brianna Landry

  • Vinh Pham

    Vinh Pham

  • Gus Irisa

    Gus Irisa

  • null

    Andrew Norquay

  • null

    April Chen

  • null

    Caio Cestari

  • null

    Catherine Hill

  • null

    Chris Bordonaro

  • null

    Eduardo Brandao

  • null

    Farnaz Vahab

  • null

    James Gallagher

  • null

    Miriam Mehablia

  • null

    Marc Diana

  • null

    Nikola Peter

  • null

    Phil Beadle

  • null

    Priscilla King

  • null

    Sara Rose

  • null

    Tailah Phillipson

  • null

    Tam Nguyen

  • null

    Tom Lim

  • null

    Vivan Tang

  • null

    Wenjing Luo

  • null

    William Teizen


  • image

    Terri Diegelman

    Loves whiteboards, especially cleaning them.

  • null

    Charlotte Bian

    I love doing everything I can to help my teams achieve!

  • Marcio Sete

    Marcio Sete

  • null

    Michael Rembach

  • null

    Declan Brady

    Supporting individuals and teams to bring their best selves to work so they feel inspired and motivated to contribute to a vision larger than themselves.

  • David Berry

    David Berry

    Agile man who likes to stop, collaborate and listen (and party).

  • Allen Strier

    Allen Strier

  • null

    Greg Shield

    Use techniques that make the complex seem simple. A Scrum Master taller than most.

  • null

    Richard Shy

  • Duncan Heuer

    Duncan Heuer

  • Mazen Al-Khozaie


  • Nigel Smith

    Nigel Smith

  • Saad Sohail

    Saad Sohail

  • Stephanie Ireland

    Stephanie Ireland

  • Tess Gregorio

    Tess Gregorio

  • Trish Ramos

    Trish Ramos

  • Wen Qing Du

    Wen Qing Du

  • null

    Alan Mangaroo

  • Alyce Katsanos

    Alyce Katsanos

  • Andre Volkmer

    Andre Volkmer

  • Freddy Frederick

    Freddy Frederick

  • Hope Delahunty

    Hope Delahunty

  • Julienne Giles

    Julienne Giles

  • Melinda Harrington

    Melinda Harrington

  • Nafees Butt

    Nafees Butt

  • Natalia Korkishko

    Natalia Korkishko

  • Nathalie Lesage

    Nathalie Lesage


  • Ryan McKergow

    Ryan McKergow

    Passionate and enthusiastic Lead Consultant, Agile Business Analyst and Iteration Manager.

  • Beenish Zaidi

    Beenish Zaidi

  • Conan Kearney

    Conan Kearney

  • Craig Harvey

    Craig Harvey

  • Dave Pryce

    Dave Pryce

  • James Mc Namin

    James McNamin

  • Juan Lopez

    Juan Lopez

  • Liam Phelps

    Liam Phelps

  • Lionell Pack

    Lionell Pack

  • Reginal Ram

    Reginal Ram

  • Robert Loomans

    Robert Loomans

  • Susan Akers

    Susan Akers

  • Sylvia Lindenstraus

    Sylvia Lindenstraus

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