We’re a modern management consulting company that specialises in agile ways of working.

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, we help our clients speed the creation of customer value through a focus on people, teams and organisational agility.

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With significant experience delivering digital products and projects, using agile ways of working, our consultants include some of Australia’s most experienced agile practitioners and coaches.

Our people are passionate about technology and creating cultures and environments that give people, teams and organisations the freedom to move and grow.


Our whole-of-business approach is focused on building knowledge, uplifting capability and identifying efficiency improvements across technology, product innovation and design, agile delivery and advisory.

Across all the major agile frameworks, we’re pragmatic in our approach and will work with you to co-design an approach that is aligned to your goals and environment.



Paul Velonis

I’ve spent my career consulting across a breadth of industries and during this time I’ve consistently championed new and better approaches to delivering technology. Towards that aim in 2009 I co-founded Elabor8 to create a progressive consultancy focused on helping organisations adopt better ways of working. My current interests lie in progressive management methods, new technology and innovation.

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Nam Huynh

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