Agile Fundamentals for Business Teams

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Agility is no longer limited to software development. All areas of the organisation from Marketing to HR, Operations to Procurement can benefit from adopting an agile mindset and implementing agile practices.

Business teams that adopt an agile mindset focus on transparency, collaboration and trust. The result is a more responsive team able to identify market changes, respond quickly to those changes, and lead change in a productive and cost effective way without compromising quality.

However, what works for software development doesn't necessarily work for business as usual teams or teams with shifting priorities. Trying to squeeze the business round peg into the software development agile square hole, is simply not going to work.

Elabor8's Agile Fundamentals for Business Teams course has been designed to provide individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills to transition from traditional plan-driven methodologies to change-driven methodologies using agile principles and tools.

This course starts with the WHY of agile, teaching the agile mindset and how this is of benefit to your customers and business. It then moves to HOW, looking at the frameworks, tools and techniques that individuals need to be productive members of a business team that's adopting agile ways of working. 

This is an immersive, hands-on course delivered by trainers who have experience across business and IT. Participants apply theory to activities throughout the course with a constant focus on the customer, collaboration, delivering value, learning and continuous improvement.

Learning Objectives:
  • Explain why we need to change? Agile ways of working and how you can deliver value to your customer and business faster
  • Demonstrate the Agile Foundations. Manifesto, Mindset, Values, Principles, Heart of Agile -  Discuss the difference between 'doing' and 'being' agile
  • Identify what makes High Performing Teams. Play your part in building your team to one of high performance
  • Visualise and manage your workflow using Kanban
  • Create a backlog and develop toolkit for implementing agile ways of working
  • Participate in a team using the Scrum Framework for product development
Topics covered:
  • Why you need to change.
  • Developing an Agile Mindset. 
  • Agile manifesto, values and principals. 
  • Collaboration and facilitation techniques.
  • Intent based leadership.
  • Characteristics of High Performing Teams.
  • Principles and practices of Kanban. 
  • Backlog management. 
  • Estimation and prioritisation techniques. 
  • Scrum framework. 
You'll also receive:
  • ICAgile Professional Certification
  • Electronic copy of the course materials
  • Elabor8 Notebook
  • Deck of Planning Poker Cards
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) PDU credit: 16 PDUs

Attendee Testimonials

  • Customer Testimonails

    Elabor8 were great to work with, they listen to your needs and work through training options to match. We ran three waves of the Agile Fundamentals course with three different flavours based on each group. It gave our leaders and squads a perfect benchmark to launch into our new way of working.

    James Pulling, Agile & Continuous Improvement Lead, Open Universities Australia Agile Fundamentals Agile Fundamentals for Business Teams

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