Elabor8 appoints new leader for Cloud Practice and Teaming Models offerings

We’re thrilled to welcome Chamara Somaratne as the lead on two important components of Elabor8’s transformation services, Cloud Practice and Teaming Models.

Chamara has extensive experience in enterprise architecture and, more recently, technology practice management across strategy, the cloud, and transformation for major organisations around the world. This makes him ideally qualified to further Elabor8’s commitment to providing comprehensive transformation for our clients.

Now in its third year of operation, our Cloud Practice helps clients navigate the challenges of adopting the cloud and using it to drive innovation and enable transformation. We show them how to experiment, iterate and realise the value of cloud adoption so they can quickly deploy applications to the cloud and scale up or down to meet customer demand.

Our Cloud Practice encompasses a variety of disciplines:

  • Cloud on-ramp – An assessment that identifies the platforms and tools required and sets them up in preparation for cloud-native app development, cloud migration and cloud analytics.
  • Cloud-native apps – The development of new cloud-native applications to test business ideas and then quickly move from concept to customer onboarding.
  • Cloud analytics – The ability to swiftly leverage the value of data and advanced analytics with cloud-native platforms.
  • Migrating and modernising apps – Moving existing on-premises applications and adapting them to maximise cloud performance.
  • Optimising the cloud – Monitoring, security, intelligent automation, cost management and ongoing optimisation.
  • Hybrid multi-cloud – Quickly enabling a hybrid multi-cloud for clients by identifying the best pathway to incrementally realise it.


Teaming Models is a new offering Elabor8 is bringing to market to help our clients who’ve traditionally faced difficulty scaling their workforce when needing to meet additional capacity. Chamara and the team will be providing advice around models to suit:

  • Innovation teams – Possessing all the skills required to incubate a new product line or business on behalf of the client.
  • Transformation teams – Highly skilled teams dropped into client transformations to act as role models while deploying and embedding new processes and infrastructure.
  • Flexible capacity teams – High performance, culturally aligned, pseudo-permanent teams that offer clients greater flexibility.


Paul Velonis, Elabor8’s co-founder, is thrilled by the appointment, “I’m pretty excited to leverage Chamara’s experience to guide the development of our new Cloud Practice and Teaming Models and to integrate them tightly within our overarching service offering.”


You can discover how Elabor8’s cloud practice helped Natural Therapy Pages navigate the complexity of an AWS cloud migration in this case study.