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Lean-Agile Leadership at all levels is about empowering those doing the work

Leadership had to take the wheel immediately.  Working with SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs), a pragmatic curriculum of agile classes were implemented. Over the course of a fiscal quarter, everyone could have productive conversations, plan together and prioritise accordingly to the needs of the enterprise goals and market opportunities. One Product Owner even used her budget to fly dev team members into the PI Planning from across the continent!

Meet Sarah Rose

  What are you passionate about in life and at Elabor8? At Elabor8, I’m most passionate about helping organisations build developmental cultures. As a curious person, I love to learn and help others stay interested in new ways of thinking and being. I’m interested in skills for the future and the best way to teach them. I’m super passionate about…

Approaches to Blended Learning

Prior to 2020, our business model relied on face-to-face interaction to help align and excite organisations about agility and creating a learning organisation. When COVID hit, the world as we knew it changed in an instant. Like so many others it didn’t take long to see that our business model was no longer sustainable, and our digital strategy had to…

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