#EqualityHacks Sydney launch breakfast

Hacking technology’s gender diversity problem

We’re excited to share our Food For Thought event happening this July in Sydney where we’ll be launching our newest and most innovative diversity program.

Join us for breakfast at the Hilton Sydney on Friday July 15 to enjoy a morning of inspirational talks from technology leaders who are driving action on equality in their organisations today.

After, attendees will have the opportunity to explore their ideas and opinions about Gender Diversity with other influential members from Sydney’s IT community.

Our aim is to take the Inspiration generated in the room to set up an exciting new initiative that uses the latest approaches from Design Thinking & Complexity to create real social change.

Our speakers

The Power of Two: The intersection of science, technology and diversity.

Madel & Mariebelle, Co-founders of Gemini3, will present how the intersection of science, technology and diversity enables a more enriched and inclusive workforce.

The co-founders will share the founders’ story and their journey of normalising job share in Australia.

What attendees are saying


“I am excited to be involved in #EqualityHacks and look forward to sharing ideas on how we can increase the number of women in Tech Leadership roles. A great initiative by Elabor8 and Girl Geek Sydney!”

Leah Rankin, Vice President of Product & Engineering, Nearmap

Leading the charge is Elabor8er Jody Podbury

“I have been a passionate advocate for addressing the need for more women in technology and specifically leadership for a long time. I am excited to help kick off #EqualityHacks as a way to really try something new and different with the Sydney Technology Leadership Community.”

Jody Podbury, Head of Delivery Services for Sydney, Elabor8

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Innovative thinking for solving technology’s diversity problem
Sponsored by Elabor8
in collaboration with Girl Geek Sydney

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