Remote AF Practitioner

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Elabor8 is proud to host the world's first Remote:AF Practitioner course, teaching people modern approaches for a world that has suddenly changed.

The Remote Agility Framework (R:AF) was developed to help individuals and teams evolve highly effective working practices and navigate a future where remote working is the new normal.

Remote:AF Practitioners learn the key practices involved in establishing and working in remote teams: how to establish working agreements that cater for home environments, how to use digital tools effectively, how to effectively plan and sequence work, tools to aid personal productivity, and how to establish a culture of regular value delivery and data driven improvement.

If you're looking for lecture based training then this is not the course for you!

This is an immersive, hands-on course delivered by trainers who have years of experience across business, operations and IT. Participants apply theory to activities throughout the course with a constant focus on the customer, collaboration, delivering value, learning and continuous improvement. 

We appreciate that adopting remote working can involve unlearning for individuals. We show great empathy throughout the course taking a very pragmatic, non-prescriptive approach to  adoption where teams can shape what their way of working looks like to them and implement immediate change post the course.

Learning Objectives:
  • Explain the business case for remote working - exploring environmental, social and bottom line benefits.
  • Describe the basics of working in a Remote AF team and being a productive and engaged remote worker.
  • Demonstrate how to build a team alliance that helps you to capture explicit agreements about working hours and expectations, while also respecting the living situation and cultural expectations of individuals in the team.
  • Use the Remote AF framework and explain how enterprise strategy is decomposed into work for individuals and teams.
  • Identify the nature and value of different types of teams and how to diagnose which ‘type’ of team you are.
  • Demonstrate how you sequence and review work that has been completed and continuously improve the way you work as part of a team.
Topics covered:
  • Why we need to move towards sustainable ways of working.
  • Build a team alliance.
  • Leverage the principles to guide your adopting of remote ways of working.
  • Explore the Remote Agility Framework (R:AF).
  • Compare and contrast R:AF Mission, Product and Operation teams.
  • Understand how to use the R:AF ceremonies.
  • Describe Remote Team Planning.
  • Describe Remote Team Review.
  • Describe Remote Team Retrospective.
  • Enhance your personal productivity
  • Conduct a Team Retrospective.
  • You'll also receive:
    • Electronic copy of the course materials.
    • Digital Workbook with playbooks, templates and guidance on how to embed change in your organisation.


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