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Elabor8’s automation practice transforms your test automation activities into an enterprise-wide quality assurance capability, providing efficient and consistent deliverables for your customers.

Aligning business strategy with delivery capabilities through tailored enterprise automation solutions.

We provide automation capabilities to align organisational strategy with the engine room, easily managing business risk and customer expectations.

Enhanced Transparency

Our automation team creates data aggregation capabilities to help you drive better-informed decisions. Through insights, dashboards, and real-time metrics we provide a multi-level reporting capability whilst minimising team disruption.

Economies of Speed

The digital landscape is evolving with an ever-increasing wave of feature-rich disruptors and speed to market has become a business-critical function. We give organisations the ability to rapidly respond to changing markets with the confidence in maintaining quality, business alignment and meeting customer expectations.

Operational Efficiency

A good product will spend more of its life in the hands of customers than in development. Our automation goes beyond CI/CD providing a production testing solution leading to lower support overheads and improved operational metrics.

Innovation & Engineering Enablement

Our highly skilled automation engineers help overcome technical blockers by providing innovative design thinking to develop simple solutions to complex problems you don’t have time to solve.

Strategic Alignment

By incorporating practices like Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), Test-Driven Development (TDD), and continuous feedback loops, we facilitate closer communication between business and delivery functions reducing friction and wasteful activities like re-work from poor collaboration.

Engagement and collaboration

Transforming capabilities is all about the people. Through coaching, training, and continuous collaboration, we build a test automation community across the organisation based on trust and respect, enabling a cohesive group delivering global efficiencies through sharing of new ideas, solutions and capabilities.

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Enterprise Test Automation Design & Implementation

  • Automation strategy including roadmaps and vision
  • Test automation capabilities of functional, performance, PVT, high availability, and more.
  • Validation of core business functions across the entire product landscape

Innovation & Engineering Enablement

  • Implementation of Digital Twins for experimentation and training
  • DevOps enablement through continuous integration and production testing
  •  Aligning to leading industry standards and practices
  • Development of an internal community gaining the benefits of the whole.

Toolchain Modernisation

  • Benefits from the latest technology and industry insights
  • Static Analysis tools including security analysers (SAST/DAST)
  • Easy integration with modern tools like JIRA, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Github actions.

Portfolio Governance

  • Real-time dashboards highlighting quality, environment, and release metrics
  • Multi-level reporting capabilities
  • Business Alignment through modern practices like Behaviour Driven Development (BDD).
  • Continuous validation of specific Industry compliance and verification requirements

The test automation framework developed by Elabor8 gives me great confidence in the quality of our deliverables, and any production issues that do arise are quickly isolated and rectified. Across our projects, automated testing has delivered significant efficiencies allowing us to cost effectively scale our delivery capability. Previously an additional 80 manual testers would have been required to support the volume of projects we currently service.

Senior Engineering Manager

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