LawMaster gets an Agile boost from Elabor8

The development team of LawMaster, a legal software solutions provider for law firms, has seen a vast improvement in its overall velocity and productivity since it partnered with Elabor8.

The company, which recently celebrated its 30th birthday, embarked on its Agile journey two years prior to engaging with Elabor8. During that period, the development team successfully implemented an Agile Scrum methodology within its team.

However, over the course of its Agile journey, LawMaster recognised its program began to stagnate. Determined to ensure the development team was able to continually improve how the Agile methodology was applied, LawMaster looked to Elabor8 for further guidance.


“Elabor8 reviewed our Agile implementation and identified that whilst we had done a good job in our application of Agile, there was clear room for improvement,” said, LawMaster’s Director of Product Development.


“We identified the opportunity to learn from the external experience of those who live and breathe this stuff every day – and that’s why we called on Elabor8.”

Elabor8 helped LawMaster’s development team identify further ways it could break down existing processes in the product development cycle, adding extra collaborative elaboration ceremonies to the process. This encouraged the team to conduct the break down and analysis of tasks much earlier in the cycle than it previously did.

Since introducing these additional steps to its development cycle, LawMaster has been able to gain a clearer and more detailed shared understanding of its development tasks much earlier in the process.

Prior to engaging with Elabor8, LawMaster experienced inconsistent spikes in how much work was being delivered per sprint. But since updating its processes, LawMaster demonstrates a more consistent sprint velocity and improved feature throughput

“This outcome means we have a clearer understanding, clearer breakdown and clearer estimates prior to our development work commencing,” the client said.

“The high-level analysis we used to conduct before starting development work has now progressed to a more collaborative analysis, which has resulted in an improved and more productive development process.


“The flow-on benefit has allowed us to deliver more within our product release cycle, and has improved our forecasting capabilities in planning for future releases.”


LawMaster now also has greater visibility of its development cycle, which means the team can refine the scope of any new development and make critical decisions around how much time the team should invest in certain areas and what to include or exclude.

“After working so hard at something for a while, Elabor8’s fresh pairs of eyes and expertise helped us look at things from a different angle, empowering us to make meaningful changes to our processes that have resulted in real productivity benefits. This was the most significant benefit,” the client says.