Elabor8 Becomes SAFe Certified Partner

Expanding enterprise-scale agile software development services based on the Scaled Agile Framework®

Elabor8 announced today that it has joined the Scaled Agile Partner program.  “We’re excited to have Elabor8 on board,” says Dean Leffingwell, Chief Methodologist and creator of the Scaled Agile Framework.  “Our partners are companies that believe in agility at scale and the power of the Scaled Agile Framework to successfully transform organizations.”

Elabor8 has a framework of service offerings geared to assist companies wherever they may be in their adoption of Agile. “We have had great success helping some of Melbourne’s most prominent organisations to adopt Agile at the team and program level.  SAFe extends our capabilities in this space by providing us with a proven toolkit for accelerating Agile adoption in large enterprise and a framework for Agile Portfolio Management.”  Andrew Blain, Elabor8 Advisory Service Line Manager and SAFe Program Consultant

The Scaled Agile Framework is a proven, publicly-accessible knowledge base for implementing agile practices at enterprise scale, consisting of approximately 300 pages of guidance. Its primary interface is the “Big Picture” graphic which highlights the individual roles, teams, activities and artefacts necessary to scale agile from the team, to teams of teams, to the enterprise level. It has been successfully applied in programs ranging from only 50-100 people, to enterprises employing thousands of software developers. For more information on the Scaled Agile Framework, visit: www.scaledagileframework.com.

About Elabor8

Elabor8 is a boutique consultancy operating out of Melbourne, Australia, serving organisation who are heavily invested in technology by providing skills, scalable resourcing and tailored accelerators in Agile, Business Analysis, Innovation/Product Development and Lean Business Architecture.

About Scaled Agile, Inc.

Scaled Agile, Inc.’s mission is to help enterprises achieve the capabilities, culture and business benefits that successful implementation of scaled Lean and Agile practices can provide.  To achieve this, Scaled Agile provides consulting, training, certification and process tooling based on the Scaled Agile Framework, a proven, publicly-facing knowledge base of effective practices for Lean | Agile adoption at enterprise scale.  Visit www.ScaledAgile.com for more details.

Press contact for Scaled Agile, Inc.:

Francis Kelly


Scaled Agile Framework® is a registered trademark of Leffingwell, LLC.