Rebooting the Academy

Spreading a culture of continuous learning

We’re excited to share the latest about our Academy – beginning with an inspiring new leadership team. 

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome Rebecca Rumble to Elabor8 as Head of Academy, and Marcio Sete in the role of Product Owner.  

Paul Velonis
The Academy plays a key role at Elabor8, both as a core product offering and as the Knowledge & Practice pollinator for our consulting team.

We offer accreditation in the leading fields of agile, including certified Scrum, Kanban, SAFe and Management 3.0; in addition to our housemade bootcamps that are developed by our practitioners to support professional development in today’s industry.

Our company believes in creating a culture of continuous learning and sharing. We see the Academy as the chance to identify the great things our practitioners are doing across our customer engagements, and to spread the knowledge so that we can learn from each other.

I’m really excited for Rebecca to bring her enthusiasm to Elabor8, and to see her, together with Marcio, leveraging their passion for learning and inspiring people to create a truly market leading training experience for our customers.”

Paul Velonis, Managing Director, Elabor8

Rebecca Rumble

About Rebecca Rumble

Rebecca joins us from Hava, a Cloud Visualisation SaaS startup. In her role as the Sales and Marketing Manager, she was responsible for implementing all of the company’s marketing, sales and relationship management initiatives.

Before that Rebecca spent 9 years working for Entertainment™ Book where, as the Business Intelligence Manager, she supervised the company’s growth covering business reporting and insights, sales and service objectives and best practice strategy.

Rebecca’s strengths lie in building genuine relationships with her clients, understanding their current reality and discovering where they want to be, then collaboratively problem solving to help them achieve the results and growth they desire.


About Marcio Sete

Marcio is an experienced practitioner of Lean, DevOps, Scrum, Kanban and an enthusiast of management and learning approaches for complex domains.

For over 15 years, Marcio has been deeply involved with communities of practice. He is a regular speaker at industry leading conferences and events, and for the last 7 years he’s been consulting, teaching and coaching.

Marcio is a passionate transformation agent, and currently the facilitator of the Management 3.0, Professional Scrum Foundation and the Professional Scrum Developer courses for Academy.

Our beliefs about the process of learning

“At Elabor8, we believe in Emergent Learning practices. A characteristic of all our Academy courses is that we focus on your process of learning. We use visual thinking tools and games; run Lean Coffees, World Cafes and Fish Bowls; and include your examples to discuss complex problems.

Our trainers are all experienced practitioners, and we are proud of that. They don’t simply repeat what is written in the trainer material, they’re able to use their real life knowledge to create the right context for you to learn in.

Unlocking people’s potential is in our DNA. We want to prepare our Academy customers for any challenge – to inspire, energise and challenge them.”

Marcio Sete, Principal Consultant, Elabor8

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