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Transform your Atlassian experience. Take your Atlassian tech stack from where you are to where you need to be.

Why migrate to Atlassian Cloud with us?

Migrating to Atlassian Cloud is a strategic move that offers countless benefits, including increased efficiency, cost savings, and agility. However, it can be a complex and daunting task. We ensure a smooth transition, minimising risks and maximising value.

Better performance

Upgraded and streamlined instances in an optimal environment help you offer smooth, fast performance so you can deliver value faster

Maximise your ROI

With an optimised post-migration environment, your business can achieve efficiency and enhance returns.

Security & compliance

Consolidated environments running the latest upgrades and optimised user management mean you’re less vulnerable.

Global experience

Our experience in navigating migration complexities sets you up for success.

Migration Services

Migration from 3rd Party tools

Looking to replace your outdated or expensive tools? Work with us to identify and migrate to an Atlassian tool stack that meets your needs.

Data Centre & Server migration

Even if Atlassian Cloud isn’t the best solution for your business, an optimised move to Data Centre will enhance performance, reliability, and flexibility.

Atlassian Cloud

Work with our team of experts to identify risks and ensure seamless migration to Atlassian Cloud, providing scalability, flexibility, and security.

Application Migration & modernisation

Upgrade your applications, tools, and software to drive productivity and growth, consolidating your platforms and migrating legacy applications to Atlassian tools.

How we do it?

We release people from inflexible processes and mindsets and help turn organisational agility into your competitive advantage.

Cloud assessment >

Understand your current situation and risks with our expert guidance. Enhance your strategic planning and mitigate potential challenges.

Discovery & planning >

Assess migration effort, identify issues, and tailor a seamless process. Align with your specific requirements and goals.

Change & support >

Implement security, protect strategy, ensure compliance, and fortify your organisational integrity.

Change management >

Optimise performance and scalability. Leverage the latest features to enhance your Atlassian experience.

Partner with us

Trust our team of Atlassian Cloud migration experts to thoroughly assess your current setup and recommend the optimal migration process for your organisation to ensure a smooth transition to Atlassian Cloud while minimising risks.

Collaborative & Experienced:
Our approach drives efficient and accurate outcomes.

Specialised Solutions:
Tailored server-to-cloud migrations.

Proven Track Record:
Over 10 years of managing Atlassian migrations.

Get started on your Cloud Migration

Contact us to support you on a successful Atlassian Cloud migration journey. Our team is ready to guide you every step of the way.

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