Jira Service Management customisation for Global Lifestyle Retail Brand


Executive Summary

This multinational lifestyle goods and services retailer partnered with Cprime to implement a customised Jira Service Management solution. Their goals? To improve communication, support efficiency and accountability, and proactively resolve issues. The results have been so striking, they have extended the engagement twice to keep building on its success.


Challenge: Enhancing IT Service Management to Minimise Downtime

The retailer faced significant challenges in maintaining an efficient IT service management (ITSM) system across its vast network of stores and a global workforce exceeding 26,000. Drew Garvey, Enterprise Solutions Architect at Cprime, noted, “Supporting staff in both corporate and retail settings, particularly with variable shifts and staffing, posed significant challenges in resolving service requests efficiently.”

The main hurdle was communication. The IT support team struggled with follow-ups due to a lack of clear channels and methods for reporting specific issues. “A single service funnel led to inefficient routing of requests, requiring considerable back-and-forth communication and resulting in unproductive delays,” Garvey explained.


Solution: Customising Jira Service Management with Cprime

The retailer chose Jira Service Management (JSM) to streamline its ITSM processes, facilitated by Cprime, an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner with ITSM Specialisation. This decision was influenced by Cprime’s decade-long experience and proven track record with Atlassian products.

The project began by setting up support queues for Facilities and Change Management and Approval systems, before moving on to more complex service management systems for corporate and retail sectors. “We prioritised the implementation based on the impact and the extent of customisation required, ensuring that each step was validated through user acceptance testing,” said Garvey.

Cprime’s approach involved extensive collaboration with the retailer’s teams to refine the existing support structure and integrate advanced JSM features effectively. “Our custom solution significantly enhances the context-specific automation and intelligence of the system, ensuring that support staff have immediate access to necessary information, reducing the need for time-consuming follow-ups,” added Taylor Dellostretto, Cprime Account Executive.


Results: Improved Traceability, Efficiency, and Accountability

The customised Jira Service Management solution has already improved communication and user adoption significantly. “The refined intake process for service requests markedly reduces the time to assign and address tasks,” Garvey noted.

From a management perspective, the system offers comprehensive reporting tools that provide insights into team activities and performance, helping identify and address service bottlenecks effectively. The solution also supports robust change management and approval processes, enhancing accountability and ensuring compliance with best practices.


Ongoing Engagement and Future Plans

Following the successful initial implementation, the retailer has expanded its engagement with Cprime to further customise and deploy the solution across its operations. “This ongoing collaboration is a testament to our commitment to adapting and enhancing our clients’ IT capabilities,” concluded Garvey.

For organisations looking to replicate these improvements, we offer flexible ITSM solutions tailored to meet diverse business needs. Start enhancing your service management processes.


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