We enable genuine digital transformation through the design of bespoke solutions that reflect your organisation’s needs and allow teams to work more autonomously to deliver sustainable change and real value.


Agile Adoption


Agile Implementation

Elabor8 has deep experience in the implementation of agile frameworks including Scrum, SAFe, eXtreme Programming, LeSS, Nexus and Lean Kanban, developed in over a hundred customers of varying size and complexity.

Through this experience we have developed a framework agnostic, tailored approach to support the adoption of agile, incorporating training, implementation support and leadership development services.

Discovery and Assessment

We can help you to quickly diagnose the key constraints to organisational agility, be they leadership, culture, skills or approach. We use complex facilitation techniques to build prioritised lists of recommendations, rapidly surfacing leverage points for improvement.




Agile Leadership Coaching

One of the most common constraints to agile adoption is the friction between increased autonomy at the team level and the need for leaders to retain control. Leadership development is critical to maximising the return on your investment in agile.

Our agile leadership development team provides executive coaching and leadership development in agile principles, working to ensure that your leadership teams grow in lock-step with the modern management principles that you are implementing.

Agile Leadership Training

Elabor8’s Agile for Senior Leaders training program is designed to provide time poor leadership teams with the critical knowledge they require to effectively lead agile teams. Using a modular approach we allow leaders to triage and prioritise training content, which is then delivered using an iterative, scrum-like approach. Leaders get an immersive experience in an agile team environment while also learning the key principles that underpin modern management.



Performance Data Science

We help our customers to implement data driven decision making through the democratisation of sophisticated delivery metrics. We use complex econometrics to shift from planning based on estimates to forecasting based on observed actuals. We create cultures of continuous improvement based on empiricism.

Agile PMO

We work with our customers to create the Agile Project Management Office, training program/project management professionals in lean kanban, visualising the portfolio or programs of work, identifying constraints and leverage points and implement modern planning, implementation support and governance processes. We surface the data that really matters and teach the PMO the art of positive project interventions.