Providing Agile leadership across the WhitePages and YellowPages teams

As one of the earliest large-scale adopters of Agile methods, Sensis looked to Elabor8 to help provide Agile leadership across their WhitePages and YellowPages teams. Elabor8 embedded senior business analysts and agile coaches to help plan and deliver a series of initiatives over multiple years. Elabor8 was instrumental in Sensis’s Agile process adoption with technology and helped establish a trusted relationship between the business and technology teams.

The product teams at Sensis recognised that their traditional product development process was disconnected from the rest of the organisation. In particular, the long-drawn-out gated approach to project initiation was a blocker to getting products to market. Sensis turned to Elabor8’s customer-centric Rapid Product Design process.

Collaborating with key Sensis stakeholders, Elabor8 facilitated ideation to converge on conceptual solutions. This would then help to design a suite of coherent products to be used as candidate options for the next phase of product development.

Through engagement of Elabor8, and our Rapid Product Development process, the Sensis product teams delivered better outcomes, faster and in a more collaborative manner ultimately establishing better working relationships between the product team and its stakeholders.


Elabor8 have helped Sensis with the successful delivery of two key strategic projects. Using their collaborative design-based innovation process we were able to quickly ideate and define solutions based on our strategic goals and also kick start the collaboration and engagement process with key internal stakeholders such as sales and marketing, ultimately paving the way for a smooth business change process. Initiating the project in this way ensured the projects were able to progress to delivery with a clearly defined vision, user proposition and feature set. I strongly recommend both Elabor8 and their approach to Innovation.

Senior Manager in White Pages Product