Denton achieves his SAFe Program Consultant Certification

We are excited to announce that Denton Currin one of our Lead Agile Consultants has achieved the certification of SAFe Program Consultant.

Denton is an experienced people leader, who has managed and coached high performing teams. He was one of our first consultants and has been consulting with Elabor8 for over 4 years as a specialist consultant in Digital and Agile environments with a strong background in Superannuation.

Congratulations and well done Denton.

Elabor8 is a SAFe Partner and the ideal companion on your SAFe journey.  With extensive experience in scaling organisations using ground up, evolutionary practices, and one of the largest groups of SAFe Program Consultants of any consultancy in Australia, Elabor8 can help you to more rapidly deploy agile to your enterprise.

The Scaled Agile Framework is the brainchild of Dean Leffingwell (amongst others) and allows organisations to take a “Kaikaku” (radical change) approach to agile transformation as opposed to the “Kaizen” (continuous improvement) approach that has been traditionally used to roll out agile.  

It provides a framework for quickly transforming your IT organisation at the team, program and portfolio level. Elabor8 can help in several ways:

  • Educating your IT customers and executives on SAFe with our Leading SAFe module
  • Educating your technical teams on SAFe Program and Team Practices with our SAFe Scrum/XP training module
  • Helping to build Agile Portfolio Management practices
  • Providing certified SAFe Program Consultants as Release Train Engineers for your Agile Release Trains
  • Helping you to augment your Product Owner / Scrum Master / Analysis teams with experienced Agile consultants
  • Helping you to discover, analyse and prioritise work to bring into your Agile portfolio