Transforming organisational capabilities for effective performance testing


In an era of unprecedented growth, one of our multinational clients faced a pressing challenge: concerns regarding the scalability and reliability of their flagship product. Compounded by tight deadlines, the product’s complexity, and the engineering team’s limited performance testing capacity, addressing these concerns seemed like an uphill battle. It was in this crucial moment that the client turned to Cprime Elabor8 for a game-changing approach.


The Obstacle: Limited Performance Testing Capacity 

The client’s performance testing capabilities were constrained, and the product was a legacy application with over 15 years of operation. Lacking substantial investment in maintenance or redesign efforts, the software had become a labyrinth of aged code and technical debt, growing even more intricate with the continuous addition of features over time. To pinpoint performance issues and devise improvements, a customer-centric approach was essential. This approach would allow Cprime Elabor8 to mirror real customer interactions in a testing environment, ensuring that efforts were honed to address the right areas.


Navigating the Path to Success

Enhancing performance testing hinged on several pivotal steps: deliberate test design influenced by customer behaviours, strategic data collection and visualisation for insightful analysis, and the ability to replicate tests for comparisons and baseline updates. Every performance test was grounded in a clear “why” – in this instance, the aim was to elevate the customer experience during software use. This laser-focused approach yielded remarkable results, surpassing expected returns on investment.


Unveiling Customer Insights

Through immersive customer journey workshops, Cprime Elabor8 uncovered invaluable insights into customer activity early on, forming the bedrock for the performance testing platform. With this understanding, Cprime Elabor8 crafted a test harness that authentically replicated real-world scenarios. This exercise not only enriched the leadership team’s comprehension of how the application was being utilised but also unveiled unexpected usage patterns.


Synchronised Collaboration and Transparent Progress

The streamlined design of the customer-focused test platform allowed it to integrate into one of the client’s customer environments seamlessly. Across multiple time zones, the three entities collaborated to run performance analyses on the customer systems. Following the analysis, Cprime Elabor8 and the client co-designed a roadmap that illuminated the path to rectifying critical issues. This roadmap outlined immediate enhancements and more extensive changes, fostering transparency and trust with the client’s customers.


Empowering Engineering Teams and Cultivating Collaboration

The engagement was a holistic experience that actively involved the engineering teams. Their hands-on contributions enriched the process and enabled a smooth transition at the project’s culmination. Armed with a newfound sense of confidence, the client’s development roadmap could be actualised.


The Triumph: A Multi-faceted Outcome

  • Empowered Internal Capabilities: The organisation now boasts an internal infrastructure capable of continuous performance and resilience improvements.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Cprime Elabor8’s innovative approach allows the client to validate performance enhancements with a direct impact, instilling confidence in customers and fuelling the product’s future growth.
  • A Culture of Collaboration: The collaborative efforts have yielded insights that resonate with the client and their customers, instilling heightened faith in the product’s trajectory.


In the end, Cprime Elabor8’s intervention not only resolved immediate performance concerns but also forged a path toward lasting organisational growth and excellence in performance testing.