Vic ICT for Women awards Elabor8 with Honoured Membership

We’re proud to be the Victorian ICT for Women’s newest Gold Corporate Member.

Elabor8’s involvement with Vic ICT for Women started last year after we began enacting some of our company’s most recent initiatives for gender balance in our consulting teams.

Our paths inevitably crossed and it was Seonaid Porter who broadened our thinking to how we might help solve the diversity problem for the whole IT industry as part of the #BOLDMoves program.

Using our innovation techniques and forward-thinking consultants, we adapted approaches from Design Thinking and Complexity to design and set up the #BOLDMoves ThinkTank; a cross-industry, cross-discipline, peer support framework aimed at creating high impact diversity initiatives.

Check-out our Storify page from our first #BOLDMoves Think Tank

“Vic ICT for Women are proud to partner with Elabor8 on #BOLDMoves. Elabor8’s consultants generously share their expertise with our members to help them navigate the complex business domain of diversity, then innovate and trial solutions back in their organisations to create real change.  

Just three months into this unique 12 month program, our members already feel connected, skilled and empowered in helping their organisations reach their diversity goals. We are also delighted to hear how these IT Professionals are also applying the new skills to other critical business changes in their day jobs.” 

Seonaid Porter – Board Member, Vic ICT for Women

“We would like to thank Vic ICT for Women for the great honour of this membership.  This is the second year we have been actively involved with Vic ICT for Women and their Women IT Leader initiatives, last year with “Leadership Hacks” and this year with #BOLDMoves.

It has been a deeply rewarding experience for our team to be involved with the #BOLDMoves program, it is an initiative that offers great purpose and opportunity.  It exposes them to a broad network of women role models and mentors and it also  gives them the platform to showcase their  skills and expertise .

A massive thank you to our team Dipa Rao, Eva Offermans, Jenny Ramirez, Jochebed Reyes, Alina Spektorov, Josh Centner and Kim Ballestrin.”

Paul Velonis – Elabor8 Director, Head of Brand & Marketing

Companies with gender balanced teams are proving more innovative, risk savvy and delivering greater financial returns.   At Elabor8, we are passionate about achieving diversity within our consulting team of technology professionals.  

Adversely, women are currently underrepresented in the IT industry; they make up 45% of the Australian workplace but only 19% of the digital/tech workforce. There is a further issue of retention with 50% of women leaving their corporate careers by their mid 30s, and most never returning.

As the tech and digital industries continue to grow a significant talent shortage is surfacing.

To see more women lead in technology, companies like us must shift gears. There needs to be a change in mindsets about not only attracting more women in recruitment but also supporting them to continue their IT careers and lifting the participation of women among leadership roles.

You can learn more about our initiatives for equality by reading our blog : Elabor8’s journey with Gender Diversity and BOLDMoves.

Elabor8 is looking for more women to expand our consulting teams in Melbourne, Sydney.  With open hiring criteria and other flexible arrangements, we encourage you to visit our careers page and get in touch!