Elabor8 establishes Automation Practice, headed by Craig Harvey

In our high-paced world, speed of implementation remains vital for all products and services. Customers demand quick fixes and faster updates. Too many mistakes or acting too slowly leaves you vulnerable to your competitors. When it comes to the transformation of an organisation, we recognise the importance of having the right toolchains in place to support new ways of working.

That’s why Elabor8 is delighted to announce the appointment of Craig Harvey to head up our newly formalised Automation Practice as the Practice Lead. Craig has over 20 years’ experience across financial, utility, telecommunication, and government sectors.

His past four years at Elabor8 have included leading the team building an automation framework for one of Australia’s largest financial institutions. Using open-source technology and behaviour-driven development at its core, the framework evolved into an enterprise-grade functional, performance, and operational test automation platform, which has been adopted widely throughout the organisation.

Craig believes his role is to explain and demonstrate to clients how automation can best augment the services that Elabor8 already supplies. “There’s a very big technological component to agile transformation,” Craig points out. “And there are ample opportunities to improve and speed up some of those technological processes through automation.” He continues, “By eliminating some of the mundane work, you can redirect personnel to more creative, business value development.”

Many organisations are burdened by legacy software and old processes that severely hinder their operation and can completely derail a transformation. Craig, and his team, will be investigating the best options for each client when undergoing an automation transformation. While his most recent project was based on open-source software, he’s currently examining the wide range of tools available to discover which can be best utilised for Elabor8’s clients’ specific needs.


“We want to help organisations put a strategy in place to streamline their digital processes and improve their testing so that their customers receive a high-quality and consistent experience,” Craig added.


The establishment of Elabor8’s Automation Practice recognises that true transformation requires operating at a speed that only automation can provide.

Paul Velonis, Elabor8’s executive chairman, stated, “I am very excited to have someone of Craig’s calibre already within our organisation, who is innovating in this domain, to lead this practice of the company. And I look forward to working closely with him to bring this offering to a wider group of our clients.”