Faster and more predictable value delivery is now at your fingertips

The governance, culture, metrics and operating models to support teams wherever they’re located, no matter the time difference.

With over a decade of experience in transforming the way digital organisations work, we know what businesses require to achieve & sustain high performance. They need insights that provide a clear roadmap forward. Adaptive systems that meet the contextual needs of their teams. And teams that are inspired to learn, and empowered to achieve.

Why Flomatika?

We typically see consistent improvement in results within a six-month timeframe.


Defect Reduction


Time-to-market Increase


WIP Age Drop

Customise Flomatika to suit your needs

Our experienced consultants work alongside you to successfully embed Flomaitka, staying focused on the outcomes you need and identifying the opportunities for change.
Prove your impact

Flomatika can help you see the impact of new approaches and show how teams and programs have progressed over time.

Improve speed to value

See how quickly you’re moving through work and delivering value. Identify what interventions are needed to enable your teams to deliver faster.

Make prioritising easy

Understand the profile of work and expected value of items on your backlog so that you know what to prioritise.

More accurate forecasting

Leverage historical data to improve confidence and predictability of future delivery rates.

Gain a real-time view

On-demand insights – check in and see how your team is tracking and the stages of every project, in real time.

See the true flow of work

Are your teams in a state of flow? Or are they blocked? Pinpoint the areas where your bottlenecks are.

Delivery Performance Dashboard

Gain comprehensive visibility into your entire business with Flomatika’s agile reporting analytics dashboard. Unlock valuable insights into your organizational performance, identifying areas of improvement and highlighting successes. With user-friendly and powerful Value Stream Management (VSM) tool, understand your delivery ecosystem at your fingertips.

Connect strategy to execution seamlessly, tracking real-time portfolio performance. Understand how your teams, products, and services evolve over time. Leverage flow efficiency and identify waste faster. Flomatika’s intuitive dashboard provides a clear visualisation of bottlenecks and obstacles, enabling you to proactively address them. Achieve balanced demand distribution, optimizing resource allocation for maximum productivity. Experience the convenience of one centralized platform for all your valuable information!

Increase your delivery efficiency

Flomatika is one of Elabor8’s delivery performance solutions, we offer a range of ways to help your team deliver better.
Value Stream Mapping

Understand your current state and visualise exactly where process improvements can be made to improve value delivery.

Teaming models view

Establish productive cross-functional teams who are more capable of delivering high level value streams and program initiatives.

Kanban system design

Ensure your Kanban process reflects the way your team is working, along with the tools, metrics and controls required to improve delivery agility.

Agile delivery coaching

Combine practical training and coaching to assist your people with adapting their agile knowledge while clearing roadblocks to the team’s success.

Big room planning

Align your teams and stakeholders on your next delivery increment through expert facilitation,backed up by real-time performance data.

Agile governance frameworks

Enable distributed decision-making allowing leaders to retain visibility and control while creating a culture of autonomy.

Digital delivery tooling

Get a strategic view of the most effective tools for digital delivery based on your capability and function, lifecycle stage, collaboration and integration needs.

Portfolio management

Are your teams in a state of flow? Or are they blocked? Pinpoint the areas where your bottlenecks are.

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