Shaping the future:
high-performance that works anywhere

The governance, culture, metrics and operating models to support teams wherever they’re located, no matter the time difference.

Successfully implement agile in distributed teams

The remote:af framework is the culmination of more than a decade of experience helping some of Australia’s most complex companies adapt their business models for distributed agile teams.

The world’s first remote working framework

This framework expands on our toolkit of major agile frameworks and lets us develop the right solutions for your business in the context of your organisational environment.
Remote First

Designed from the ground up to enable effective remote and distributed working


Use components independently to solve specific problems or as a complete framework


Extend your existing approaches to delivery or use as a new way of working


Use with fully remote teams or transition to a hybrid model when required.

Our Services

Remote Strategy and Alignment

Align teams with strategic objectives and foster a clear understanding of how their work contributes to business goals.

Virtual Obeya: Make informed decisions with access to key data 24/7, and provide teams with a deeper understanding of strategy.

Enterprise Scoring: Track business performance on a range of key metrics and anticipate where interventions may be required to enable course correction.

Remote Collaboration and Program Management

Enable effective collaboration, prioritise work, and identify interdependencies between teams.

Program Planning: Enable remote collaboration to create alignment between teams, prioritise work, and identify interdependencies between teams.

Governance: Enable distributed decision-making allowing leaders to retain visibility and control while creating a culture of autonomy.

Remote Leadership and Operational Resilience

Develop effective leadership, build trust, and ensure operational resilience in remote work environments.

Leadership: Effectively build trust and allow leaders to identify where intervention is required informed by data-rich insights.

Operating Model Design: Redesign an operating model that reflects changes in the supply chain and remote workforce to support business resilience.

Agility is more than just a play book

The fundamentals of high-performance teams that can work from anywhere

  • Make strategy accessible to the wider organisation to enable directional alignment following a change
  • Enable a high-performance remote culture to improve staff engagement and productivity, and reduce office costs
  • Develop remote-friendly operating models that preserve performance gains at the team level and reduce the burden on leadership
  • Prepare for the future of remote or hybrid-remote with working agreements that fit the needs of individuals

Agility is more than just a play book

When it comes to introducing new ways of working, simply duplicating models will not work. We work with you to understand your strategy, business environment, leadership structure, and the current landscape to co-design a bespoke model and path to implementation. We draw from the best available frameworks and tools to construct a solution that perfectly fits your business.

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