– Peter Drucker

With traditional industries facing unprecedented levels of disruption there has never been more emphasis on innovation and the speed with which to bring new products to market.

The biggest misconception is that only small and nimble organisations can innovate. We can help you improve your speed to market by implementing the latest trends in innovation and product development.

Our approach to innovation builds empathy and understanding of customer needs while still keeping your business objectives in focus. Collaborative, lightweight approaches help you to rapidly create and test concepts whilst building alignment and momentum within your organisation.

When great concepts are identified our delivery expertise help you to execute and bring the opportunity to life.

Focus on overall organisational goals and business strategy with clear definition of objectives and scope.

Alignment with business goals:

We understand how businesses operate and create value. Our process ensures there is a focus not only on creating new products and services that customers want but also on alignment with business strategy and the generation of profitable outcomes.

Qualitative research and techniques inspired by design thinking to understand customers needs, quantitative data and market research synthesised to generate insights.

Customer context and empathy:

Activities such as persona generation, empathy maps, customer journeys and “jobs to be done” identification help understand customer context and needs.

Expressing ideas through visualisation:

Visualisation through sketching helps participants to quickly articulate and share their ideas. After time boxed individual idea generation the group comes together to pitch and discuss their ideas.

Our process in action:

Product Discovery workshops are an example of our rapid facilitated process that empowers a cross functional team to  create solutions that deliver value for customers and the organisation.

Multi disciplinary representation is crucial to create the best outcomes and to help ensure ideas have buy in from key business units.

We can give you the tools to help make your product teams highly collaborative, faster and able to work in a more iterative manner.

Multi-disciplinary and cross company participation is crucial to create great ideas and also to ensure buy in when moving to delivery.

Customer testing:

Customers are directly involved upfront to understand needs and context. We then include them with ongoing feedback and pitch sessions held from early concepting through to refined idea prototyping.

Great ideas are taken into the delivery cycle either through existing software delivery approaches or tested, trialled or prototyped using lean start up methods.

Delivery complexity:

We come from a long history of enterprise software delivery and recognise different problems require different approaches. We analyse your environment and problem to help determine the most appropriate approach to translate the right ideas into delivery.

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